About Bernd Doekel (Managing Director)

About Bernd Doekel (Managing Director)

Bernd Doekel has many years of experience in supervising the retail activities of several medium-sized companies in Germany and Spain and has acquired intensive experience as a consultant and buyer which he integrates into his commercial activities.

He has been self-employed in the ‘TRADING BUSINESS’ since 1987. As a result, he has over 200 contacts at international companies and a close personal business relationship with over 20 brands.

1987 – 1999:     Co-owner of the company D&D Fashion in Berlin

1999 – 2004:     Managing Director of Stock House S.L.

2005 – 2011:     Various activities in the textiles trade including in Barcelona, Berlin and Las Palmas

2011:      Founding of the company Fashiondeal S.L.

2015:         Partner & Consulting Executive at the company BRANDS ILLUSION S.L.


Official distributor for Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and the Canary Islands

2017:          All activities are combined under the strategic umbrella of DOEKEL TRADING 

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